Do you have any of the following problems?

  •  back pain
  •  numbness in fingers
  •  dizziness
  •  heel pain
  •  severe pain along one leg
  •  foot drop
  •  bone fracture
  •  tennis elbow
  •  shoulder pain
  •  osteoporosis

These symptoms occur as a result of diminished activity, long-term sitting, work, stress and other characteristics of modern city life.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation is a branch of medicine dealing precisely with these and other symptoms. Treatments rely on cutting-edge technologies and highly skilled staff. More about PHYSICAL THERAPY »

  •  you spend most of the day at the computer
  •  you do sport recreationally, but occasionally you get injured
  •  you are no longer fit enough to do the sports you enjoy
  •  you need regular exercise, albeit under expert supervision

Doing sport on a regular basis is necessary in today’s modern lifestyle. However, not every sport suits everyone.

Functional training under expert medical supervision is suitable for people of all ages. More about FIT4HEALTH medical fitness programme »

Why physical therapy?

Improve your physical condition

  • Improve your mobility and flexibility
  • Minimize risk of injury
  • Improve your balance and prevent falls
  • Recover from a stroke
  • Live with diabetes
  • Heart patients are particularly encouraged to use physical therapy instead of medication

Eliminate pain and its cause

  • Physical therapy is aimed at reducing and managing pain
  • Physical therapy mobilizes the spine and uses special exercises to alleviate pain with long-lasting effects
  • Physical therapy is an excellent alternative to medication and surgery aimed at removing musculoskeletal pain
  • Lower-back pain affects up to 80% of the urban population and greatly reduces quality of life

Physical Therapy »

Why medical fitness?

What is FIT4HEALTH functional training?

  • It keeps the body in general good health
  • A physician assesses your overall body condition
  • Exercises are tailored to your needs and abilities

Why is medical fitness important?

  • It improves the cardiovascular system
  • It increases muscle strength and stamina
  • It improves psychophysical abilities and quality of life


The LUMBAGO team

LUMBAGO is a medical facility founded in 2006.

It is a specialist clinic for the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic neurological, traumatological, orthopaedic, rheumatological and neurosurgical conditions and the maintenance of achieved results, as well as for the preservation of good health by means of medical fitness. LUMBAGO team »