Equipment and devices


LUMBAGO constantly invests in modern physical therapy equipment and almost all our devices are made by the specialized Dutch company Enraf Nonius, which is considered to be the world leader in this type of medical equipment. For kinesiotherapy and medical fitness we use training equipment made by Technogym.



Physical therapy devices


Endomed 482

an electrotherapy device with a large number of different currents

Endomed 182

an electrotherapy device with 17 different currents

Vacotron 460

a device for surface tissue massage; it is combined with electrotherapy devices for a faster and better effect of therapy on the tissue

Sonopuls 492

an ultrasound therapy device

Endolaser 422

a laser therapy device

Eltrac 471

a computerized spinal traction device with a special extension table


Various magnet therapy devices by other manufacturers


Kinesiotherapy and medical fitness equipment


LUMBAGO boasts a well-rounded selection of equipment designed to satisfy all the needs of individual kinesiotherapy sessions as well as the most demanding medical fitness training sessions with larger groups of clients.

  • Swedish ladders
  • mats
  • sticks
  • balls
  • weights
  • kinesio tapes


Technogym KINESIS

Technogym KINESIS is a state-of-the-art fitness machine which offers an unlimited range of possibilities for exercising different types of muscles and applying different degrees of resistance and remains unrivalled in medical fitness and kinesiotherapy.

Technogym Synchro Forma

a computerized cardio device that emulates Nordic skiing

* The LUMBAGO clinic offers wireless Internet access on its premises.