Maintaining optimal body functionality through medical fitness

What is medical fitness?

LUMBAGO FIT4HEALTH© is a functional training programme, specifically designed and tested in practice to ensure effective prevention of pathological conditions, slow down degenerative processes and maintain optimal functionality of the body. It was created in order to meet our patients’ need to continue engaging in safe physical activities after completing kinesiotherapy. The programme eventually developed into a system of several hundred different exercises within intensive training sessions for people of different ages, needs and levels of physical fitness.

Optimal functionality, taking into account the client’s age, constitution and overall health, refers to their physical ability to do their favourite sport, absence of chronic spine and joint pain and overall satisfaction with their physical potential.

What constitutes FIT4HEALTH© programme?

LUMBAGO FIT4HEALTH© is a combination of physical medicine and functional training.

The medical component involves

  • assessing the patient’s health
  • identifying issues in the neuromusculoskeletal system in order to prescribe an exercise programme
  • determining limitations arising from various factors such as pregnancy, malignancy, heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis and the like
  • medical supervision during exercises (taking the patient’s pulse and blood pressure, monitoring progress indicators)

Functional training is the most complex way of training which impacts all the key elements: strength, fitness, explosiveness, speed and stamina. It is used to activate inactive and underactive muscle groups.

Functional training is a current trend in the fitness industry around the world.

What does the training involve?

LUMBAGO FIT4HEALTH© training involves groups of exercises individualized on the basis of a detailed medical examination of the neuromusculoskeletal system of each client and performed with the assistance of medically qualified trainers and under professional medical supervision. These training sessions are extremely exhausting, both physically and mentally, which is why they are limited to one session at a time.

Functional training is suitable for group exercising as it promotes competitiveness among the clients, which is highly stimulating. Once our patients, as well as many clients who come here specifically to follow the fit4health programme having previously exercised in the traditional way, have tried this type of training, they never go back to training the old way.

FIT4HEALTH© training is carried out on a number of workout stations like mats, steppers, Nordic ski machines and Swedish ladders and with the use of weights or Pilates balls. There is also the possibility of exercising on the latest fitness machine – Technogym KINESIS. Technogym KINESIS offers an unlimited range of possibilities for exercising different types of muscles and applying different degrees of resistance and remains unrivalled in medical fitness and kinesiotherapy.

What are the results?

In addition to being fitness experts, our trainers are very familiar with human anatomy and physiology and, therefore, the real effect of each exercise.

The result of such an intense workout is the increase of all energy levels, but also muscle mass and strength. The parameters we monitor are rehabilitation – restoring functionality, strength, fitness and definition (body shaping, i.e. tightening the abdomen, buttocks and thighs and improving posture, which is also very important to many patients).

Of course, the best results are achieved through a combination of our knowledge and your willingness to improve.

Who is FIT4HEALTH© intended for?

It is primarily intended for the urban population over 40, although our clients also include young, fit recreational athletes and seniors who want to remain fully mobile as long as possible.

Our clients:

Lack daily physical activity because of the kind of work they do since they spend most of their working hours in an office and in front of a computer.

Do sport recreationally, regularly (mostly football, basketball, tennis and golf) or sporadically (skiing), but have reached a stage where they are at an increased risk of minor or major injuries.

Want to feel fitter and younger.

In 50% of cases have been treated for different pathological conditions of the neuromusculoskeletal system, most commonly disc herniation and sciatica, and would like to slow down the degenerative processes as well as keep their muscles and ligaments in good condition so as to prevent these diseases from recurring.

Are senior citizens who want to remain mobile and capable of looking after themselves as long as possible, who want to hike, swim, travel and even play tennis and go skiing.

Our clients must be over 18.